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    From the Toolbox

    Lifecycle Toolbox:  Each week, over the past 9 weeks, we have introduced one of the Tools from our Intelligent Information Lifecycle Toolbox.

    Our aim at Intelligent Information is to save our clients both time and money by offering cost-effective solutions to manage their information needs. We achieve this through the implementation of our Information Lifecycle Toolbox.

    The Information Lifecycle Toolbox program allows organisations, big and small, to create and manage their knowledge.

    Using the Lifecycle Tools enables businesses to;

         • reduce the risk in business decisions
         • reduce by 50% the time staff spend finding the right information to meet both scheduled and unscheduled reporting requirements
         • keep up-to-date with competitors and industry trends
         • easily find and retrieve their knowledge throughout its lifecycle
         • create an environment and culture for knowledge creation and sharing
         • protect valuable content which supports a client’s intellectual property

    Intelligent Information has helped many companies save time and money through the provision of critical document management services, which include;

         • the logical structuring of proprietary in-house information
         • database creation that supports quick and easy retrieval of key information
         • the ability to cost effectively manage information, including the secure disposal or destruction of old information, ongoing Research and Intelligence Services to ensure our clients information remains up-to-date





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