• 12 APR 18
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    Going beyond Google

    Google has taken over the information world.   EVERYTHING can be found by using Google…  Correct???

    Simple answer:  No.

    Google only searches a fraction of what is available via the internet and doesn’t search any sources that aren’t available on the internet. Why is that?? Well most of these sources you need to pay for or they are too complex for Google’s search engine to interrogate.

    So what can you do? Depending on the type of information you are looking for: Company, Industry, Economic. Biographical, Historical etc., will decide where you can go to get accurate and timely information. Local libraries are an excellent place to start. They have a collection of databases and free sources that you can use. Most Federal and State Government websites also have a wealth of economic and sometimes industry information, while you usually find basic company information from your countries’ companies regulator.

    If you need any more help finding what you need – just contact us!









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