• 10 APR 18
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    Googlisation of the world…

    How many times do you use Google per day? 10, 20, 50 times a day? What do you use it for? To find the name of the pizza shop around the corner? To find a review of the latest movie? To find the address of a store?

    Google is fabulous to find answers to every-day questions. Also sites that it searches over, like Wikipedia, are also fabulous reference tools for you to start your research journey. BUT Google isn’t a research database and it shouldn’t be used for any kind of in-depth research, where you need to provide references and accurate data.

    As an example type in Google “Benjamin Franklin’s influence on the American revolution?”. What comes up? Can you use any of these references to provide evidence to your statements? Some of them yes, but alot of them no you can’t.

    So if you have access to third-party databases (most libraries have them) that contain articles and documents that you can quote please use those 🙂

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