• 08 MAY 18
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    Quality Information – Free v’s Paid…

    What the importance and relevance is of quality information….  Free v’s Paid information… Quality information is information that has 3 QUALITIES:  up-to-date, relevant and is legally reliable. 1.UP-TO-DATE:  Most recent information available usually verified by the organisation or a reputable source. 2.RELEVANT:  Information is judged, by an information profession (Librarian), relevant if it is fit

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    • 02 MAY 18
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    Information Management Strategy – Pain points (part 2)

    When developing an information management strategy for your organisation it is very important to start with mapping all the business processes so that you can analyse where information is used in each process. Once you have those information flows your strategy will develop, as you see your organisations’ information pain points

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