• 03 AUG 18
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    Data, Data, Data

    In our research business, we are increasingly being asked for data, and while that is not new, the volume required and value placed on it by our clients is increasing.

    A little over 3 years ago the needs of our clients was for market/industry/economic/company overviews. Pieces of work that would explain the purpose/strategy of a company or how an economy was fairing. But now over 70% of the requests we receive is for data. Data that the client can interpret themselves, rather than an analyst doing it for them.

    What is interesting is that the data must be from an authoritative source. If it is not, then the client rejects it.

    This movement away from third party analytical work indicates that our clients are becoming much more sophisticated and better educated about what good information is and they have the skills to find it themselves via a search engine like Google (i.e. free information). However, our concern with this is that information found via these search engines can often be out-of-date, misleading (usually from being misquoted) or having no reference attached. Therefore, people using this information to form the basis of any decision or opinion are starting from a disadvantage.

    If you are using free sources, please check that they are:  Authoritative and Up-to-date.

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